How to stay healthy while traveling in India

How to stay healthy while traveling in India

A trip to India sounds like a dream come true with the rich history and the fascinating culture India offers, but one thing that can put a damper on your vacation before it starts is getting sick or even injured. But, there are many ways one can prepare for a safe, healthy and very enjoyable trip.

Most travel agents offers evacuation insurance and it is a good idea in case there's an accident or serious illness. Travellers may want to get home quickly without going into serious debt.

One way to avoid becoming ill in the first place is to carry your own medications. Make sure they are labeled properly. Also, carry any prescriptions for eyeglasses or contacts. When traveling, always carry an extra pair of glasses, but if somehow they too became lost or broken, having a prescription handy will ensure getting another pair quickly. India is known to be dusty, so stick with glasses, not the contacts.

When considering doctors and illnesses with travel, the next thing that comes to mind is vaccinations. Technically, there is no required vaccine to get into India but one may consider checking with a doctor about getting a DPT and hepatitis vaccination. The doctor can also advise about malaria prevention. There are some places and times of the year when mosquitoes are heavy. Thankfully, there is special clothing that can be worn and other devices that can be used to repel them.

One of the best ways to staying healthy in India is to use only purified water. When eating out, make sure the ice cubes are made with purified water and any fresh produce is rinsed in it. Also, the food needs to be cooked at a high enough temperature to kill the microbes.

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